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By focusing on team and leadership development, transformation processes and coaching, we increase the quality of leaders, team work and working methods in your organization. For more than 20 years, we have built up our base of knowledges and experiences from a different line of business, organizations and cultures.

HR Business Partnering, HR Strategies & Processes, Performance & Change Management, People & Organisational Development, Talent Management & Succession Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Well-being & Coaching reflect our services. The company development of the latest years - with fewer organisational levels and "self-governing" work-groups - has increased our active participation in the whole process of change. Our working with management teams as well as project and working groups of different organisational levels enables us to work visionary as well as operationally.

If you want to know more how we can help you to overcome obstacles, reach the next level and future business destinations, we look  forward to hearing from you.

Martin Appelgren

Managing Director & Founder


Team development is used for stimulating the development of a working group. If the group is recently formed the objective may be to learn to know and understand each other better. For already existing teams it could be about creating new directions and setting new goals. Conflict handling, problem solving and relation development are examples of other areas. It aims at creating joint visions, efficiency and harmony.

Some team development actions can be carried out under more easy-going forms in order to receive increased information about each other, while other activities are more aiming at the process. A rather common arrangement is based on a combination of the two methods. As we build on long-term assignments we have experience from, and can carry out, both methods. Our strength is to continue and take the consecutive steps that are necessary to create an efficient and harmonious team.

TALENT MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT                                                                                               

Our expertise is in crafting and executing developmental experiences that will transform how your organization approaches and practices leadership. We mainly works with taylor made internal leadership development programmes for managers and project leaders with broad experience, newly appointed managers/leaders or trainees. Our target groups covers all parts from the chain and all organizational levels. It may be absolute training efforts or assignments that combine training with implementing new value bases within the company. Most efforts are founded on several steps. Work and exercises are sandwiched in each step. The goal is always to connect knowledge received with the own area of responsibility. An example of our specifically developed programmes is a training we carried out for High Potentials and project leaders from China and Sweden. The aim was to give the participants increased understanding of Swedish leadership.



Our goal is to facilitate the humanistic process and create balance and joint visions in the company. Change of managers, conflict and problem solving, planning of training efforts, organisational changes, are examples of situations when we can become an external resource. Our independent perspective and our distance to the process facilitates for us to make analyses, suggest action plans, follow up and evaluate the human processes in the company.

When we working with people and team development and recruitment, we are using our own designed tools and we are also certified to work with OPQ 32, SHL 360, FARAX 360 and Well-being Leadership 360, Hogan Assessments Methodology, and CPI (California Psychological Inventory.



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